A.  Front porches are allowed with prior approval of the Countryside Homeowner Association Board of Directors and applicable city permits. Front porches may not extend more than six (6) feet beyond the front building setback line.

B.  Front porches may be uncovered or cover may be an extension of the roof with coordinating shingles. No awnings or carport covers or corrugated plastic, fiberglass or tin roofs are permitted on the front of house.

C.  Wooden decking is permissible in the rear area of the house only.

D.  Patio covers are allowed only if they are constructed in the rear area of the house and height of the cover does not exceed the eaves of the house.

E.  For all porches and patios, detailed plans showing proposed positioning, materials and time of construction will accompany the request.


WINDOW AIR CONDITIONERS – Window air conditioners will be permitted only at the rear of the house and not visible from the street in front of the house. Subject to consideration in case of health or safety reasons.


EXTERIOR HOLIDAY LIIGHTS & DECORATIONS – All exterior lighting and or decorations shall be removed within thirty (30) days following said holiday.


GENERAL CONDITIONS – All modifications or additions to existing structures must be completed within ninety (90) days of the time they are begun (after Architectural; Committee or Board approval) unless otherwise specifically agreed to by the Board of Directors. If not completed within the time allotted, the Board of Directors shall proceed against the homeowner as if a violation of the Deed Restrictions had occurred. All additions or modifications must be made in a workman like manner in order to enhance the overall appearance or Countryside and Countryside Oaks Subdivision. Any addition or modification which would meet these guidelines and standards but which is erected in an un-workman like manner and which detract from the overall appearance of Countryside or Countryside Oaks Subdivisions shall be deemed to have been erected in contravention to the approval of the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors shall proceed as if a violation of the Deed Restrictions had occurred.




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